Since ancient times, Truskavets has been called the summer capital of Galicia, a great tourist destination. Tourists from Europe came here not only to drink “Naftusia”, but also to breathe fresh air, to get acquainted with the culture of the Galician region. In order to make your Truskavets holiday not only useful but also interesting, we offer you a program of educational and entertaining excursions. Tickets for those and other excursions can be ordered at the hotel reception. The administrators of our hotel are eager to help you to choose the excursion according to your wishes and free time. If necessary, prepare a take-away for you or organize breakfast or dinner at an earlier or later time!

We want your holiday in Truskavets to be unforgettable and you come back here again and again…

On the rocks of Dovbusch

Oleksa Dovbush Rock Reserve. Visiting the cascading silver waterfalls of Sukil river. A walk in the beech forest, among the fabulous rocks: Wanka-Vstanka, Sail, Lion, Elephant, Dragon, Kulak O. Dovbush, Kolobok, Franz Joseph’s oak. Rocks and caves, damn slit (22 cm), observation deck, unique Carpathian landscapes. Exquisite Hutsul cuisine. Horseback Riding. Morshin Resort – a wine tasting.

Distance: 72 km.

Departure: Truskavets, daily 14.30-20.30; Sunday 9.30-15.00.

Slavske - the Carpathian pearl of ski resorts

Ski vacation. Acquaintance with Boykivshchyna, Skole Beskydy, Carpathian landscapes, delicious Boikiv cuisine. Waterfall on Kamianka River. You can endlessly look at the mountains, which like the sea never bore with the monotony, mountains are always changeable,fascinating and beautiful in any weather. A view of the Beskyd Ridge from the cable railway is a great reason to come there. Those who have already been there dream of seeing these fabulous places again.

Mount Vysokyi Verkh 1245m – 2-seater cable railway, fir-beech forest, mountain meadow, hut.

Distance: 105 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Sunday, 9.30-19.00.

Entrance to the Kamyanets waterfall reserve – 10 UAH

The cable railway fare: 50 UAH (adults) and 30 UAH (children)

Carpathian Canyons

Carpathian Canyons: strands of high mountains rivers (Stryi, Zubrytsya), suspension bridges, biospherical reserve “Maidan”, energy healing zones, canyons. Tasting of mineral water, dinner in the mountain authentic ukrainian hotel – hrazhda

Distance: 30 km.

Departure: Truskavets, daily, 14:30-20:00.

Cedar wards

The cedar wards are located at the intersection of energy-healthy areas of the planet, which are famous for healthy energy and are covered with quartz-sand boulders. At all times it was a favorite resting place of the English lords, European nobility, Ukrainian elite. There are saurses of mineral water “Borjomi” and “the 12 apostles”, as well as the healing swamps and the cleanest river in Europe – Limnitsa on the territory of the reserve. There is the 18th century church decorated with mosaic of energetically active stones brought from 15 countries (China, Iraq, Tibet, Pakistan, etc.).

Distance: 142 km.

Departure: Truskavets, on request.

Cost: contract price.

Play (winter)

Ski vacation. The picturesque nature of the Carpathian mountains. Ski-runs for beginners and professionals. Cable railway and ski lifts, multilift and a playground for children. This is a great opportunity to relax, ski, sleigh, snowboard. There is a small museum on the territory of the complex, which presents things of Boyko consumption, a water mill, an old farmstead and so on.

Distance: 80 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, 9.30-18.00, on request

Cable railway fare: 25 UAH.

Permanent ticket for a half a day 250 UAH (cable railway), 150 UAH (ski lift), ski rental from 80 UAH.

Individual orders are accepted


Yaremche – architectural monuments of Hutsul of the 17th century, Prut waterfall, fair of Hutsul souvenirs, monastery of St. Ilia, restaurant “Hutsulshchyna”.

Vorokhta – a mountain resort, cable railway and artificial stringboards, Church of birth Deiparous Virgin of the 14th-17th centuries.

Bukovel is a ski resort. The view lifts overlook the Montenegrin ridge. From Bukovel you will see Hoverla – the highest point of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Distance: 200 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Friday: 9:30 am – 9:00 pm, every Sunday, 5:45 am – 8:00 pm,

Cost: 150 UAH

Cable railway fare: 30 UAH.

Synevyr Lake - Sea Eye of the Carpathians (in summer)

The Lake of fallen in love – it is a high altitude lake 989 m above sea level, which is included in the list of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine. Mountain passes, a beautiful view of the Borzava valleys from the sightseeing cable railway. Soimy – Minzhgirya Mineral Water, Synevyr Waterfall “Maiden’s Spit.” Here you can enjoy tasting delicious local cuisine, have a good time in a cozy hut and play a trembling

Distance: 200 km.

Cable railway fare 25 UAH. Entrance to the reserve – 15 UAH.

Pochaiv miraculous

Pochaiv Lavra (an Orthodox monastery in Volyn) is a magnificent architectural ensemble with 16 churches.

Holy Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Assumption. Excursion to the Lavra.

Holy shrines: Miraculous icon of Pochaev Holy Mother, imprint of foot of Holy Virgin, relics of Reverend Jov and Reverend Amphilochy. The excursion is conducted by a seminarian monk. You will be given free time for walking round the territory of the Lavra. The healing source of righteous Anna: you can bathe at will (women need to have a nightgown, bathrobe, towel, spare underwear. Men – swimming trunks or pants)

Holy Spirit Church, relics of Seraphim of Sarov.

P.S. Prepare, please, lists for the Health or for the Peace in advance.

Women need a skirt and headscarf.

Distance: 220 km.

Departure: Truskavets, every Saturday: 3:30 – 18:00, cost: 140 UAH.

every Sunday, 3:30 am – 6:00 pm, cost: 150 UAH

Maniavsky monastery

It is an Orthodox monastery of the 16th century in the Carpathians. Monastery meal (dinner with monks). Miraculous icon, which secretes myrrh. Blessed stone, miraculous water. The monastery was founded in 1606, and in the middle of the 17th century the monastery consisted of up to 200 monks and dozens of subordinate monasteries in Galicia, Bukovina and even Moldova. It is believed that Hetman I. Vyhovsky (1664) was buried on the territory of the monastery. After the restoration works, the monastery was declared as a historical and architectural reserve.

Distance: 200 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Thursday: 14:30 – 22:30, cost: 140 UAH.

Dinner with the monks in the refectory 40 UAH.


The ancient town Sambir – the prince city and homeland of three hetmans spreaded on the crossroads Lviv – Uzhhorod – Drohobych – Przemysl. Tourists are attracted by the town hall, decorated with copies of old postcards, the church of John the Baptist (1530-1568), the church of Bernardine of the XVII century. and the relics of St. Valentine. The highlight of the town is the concert hall of organ and chamber music, the organ consists of 2500 pipes.

Distance: 30 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Saturday: 9:30 am – 2:00 pm.

Lviv sightseeing

Lviv is a city of centuries-old history and ancient legends, kings and craftsmen, stone lions and wrought gates, temples and cafes. Lviv is a city of museums and a city-museum.

Lviv is a tourist pearl of Western Ukraine with unique diverse architecture. Assumption Church, Kornyakta Tower, Market Square, Pharmacy Museum, Cathedral Church, St. Yura, The Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lychakiv Cemetery, Armenian Street and more …

Distance: 100 km.

Entrance tickets to museums from 2 UAH to 15 UAH (visit to all museums under the program is about 30UAH.)

Lviv with aroma of coffee

“Coffee promotes the awakening of the spirit and mind” – they said in ancient times. A city that is entangled with a spider web of history and the aroma of coffee. During the excursion you will learnin what way coffee was originated in Europe and why Lviv is considered the birthplace of coffee. You will hear many interesting stories related to this magic drink and find out where the most popular cafes in Lviv are. Visit the coffee mine and see the process of extracting it from underground. Visit the chocolate factory where you can buy souvenirs of the most delicious chocolate in Lviv. And you will taste the truly incomparable Lviv coffee in one of the coffee houses: Golden Ducat, Bandera Kryivka, Masoch-cafe, Kerosene lamp, Casanova, Masonic Lodge, House of Legends or other…

Distance: 100 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Thursdays and Saturdays: 14: 30-22:00, 90 UAH

Boyko wedding in Rozluch

Marriage brokerage, wedding ceremony and boyko customs. In the Boykivsky Dvor a tavern with a Boykivsky dinner is waiting for you: potatoes, bacon, roast, pickled cucumbers, mushroom soup, a glass of vodka. The host tells interesting humorous stories, invites to the competition. You will be invited to a summer playground, to kindle a fire and fun entertaining accompaniment will not allow anyone to be bored. You will have the opportunity to be photographed in national Boyko clothing, in a sheepskin coat and hat with musical instruments. The beautiful interior of the tavern gives a homey coziness, and the real Ukrainian music gives a festive mood.

Distance: 100 km.

Departure: Truskavets, Sunday: 14: 30-23: 00, cost 200 UAH, (includes travel, entertainment, dinner.). Strong drinks are extra charged.

“Gopatsulki” Entertainment and Dance Program

Truskavets Fun: Boyko folklore, live music, dancing; acquaintances, games, competitions. Rewards for the best performance of a song, dance, humor, national cuisine. You can admire the exhibition of ancient household items, embroideries and Ukrainian national clothing. To feel and see all this, visit the “Boykivska Svitlytsa” in Truskavets.

Truskavets, vul. Mazepa, 23a

Fishing in the Carpathian Mountains (Shepil Recreation Resort)

Fishing. Bath, sauna, mini-zoo (bear, deer, roe deer, ostriches, swans, wild ducks), three lakes, restaurant, bar-hut, hotel. Mineral water tubs by the lake.

Distance: 20 km.

Departure: Truskavets, daily, 14.30-19.00

Uzhhorod - Mukachevo - Berehove (Transcarpathian cruise)

Mukachevo – Palanok Castle, Earl of Schoenborn Castle. Tasting Transcarpathian wines. Mountain passes, rivers, picturesque scenery.

Berehove– visiting the Madiars, healing and bathing in thermal springs. Hungarian cuisine in a restaurant on the Hungary border.

Uzhgorod – a sightseeng the old part of the city, the Uzhgorod Castle, the quay of the Uzh River, temples and museums.

Distance: 200 km.

Entrance tickets to the Palanok castle 10 UAH, Uzhgorod castle 15 UAH,

Entrance ticket to the thermal pool 30 UAH.

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