SPA and treatment

SPA and treatment

SPA center

The ReVita Hotel guests have the opportunity to visit our SPA centre.

In the SPA center you are welcome to use a wide range of services, the best skilled specialists take care of your health and beauty, which brings you not only benefit, but also a lot of positive emotions and pleasure.

SPA rejuvenation treatments with healing effect help you to forget about tension and everyday fuss.

In the modern, broad sense – SPA means procedures for healing the body using water in all its manifestations – from seaweed wraps and salt peels to thermal baths. SPA today is not only a cosmetic procedure but a whole ritual aimed at getting rid of slag, rejuvenating and improving the skin condition, activating metabolic processes in the body.

The ReVita Hotel offers spa treatments for face and body, such as: infrared sauna, body wrapping, body peeling, press therapy, general massage (back, collar area, legs, hands, feet, head), anti-cellulite massage, honey massage, lymphatic massage, lymphatic massage general toning or relaxing massage, you can also order a massage for your children.


In a warm sauna it is easy to forget about the accumulated fatigue. The sauna can perfectly cleanse the skin, remove slag, remove fatigue, and enhance metabolism and other benefits. The sauna is an excellent method of cosmetic care for the skin and body. Regular visits could become not only a wonderful family tradition but also a healthy habit with excellent healing effects.

A great way to relax and unwind is to take a sauna at the ReVita Hotel.

Medical department

The ReVita Hotel has its own “Medical Department”. The department provides services aimed at general healing of the body. The treatment facility is equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide hydrotherapy and physiotherapy procedures

Hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy) – the use of fresh water for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Water treatment is one of the sections of physiotherapy. In a broad sense, the term “water treatment” includes the use of mineral water, called balneotherapy, for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The healing properties of fresh and mineral water are known from ancient times and are mentioned in the Indian Vedas. Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Asklepiad, Avicenna, Anthony Musa (Octavian’s doctor) used this knowledge to treat many ailments.

There are two kinds of influence of the method of hydrotherapy: general (on the whole surface of the body) and local (semivannas, limbs, certain zones and areas, projection of internal organs, washing). Due to the high heat capacity and thermal conductivity, as well as the expressed ability to dissolve gases and salts, water has the following types of influence on the body: temperature, chemical and mechanical.

The department provides the following medical services:

After doctor’s consultation you may be prescribed such procedures as: shower massage (underwater, combined underwater), health-improving bath (mineral-pearl, pearl-iodine-bromine, pearl-bischofite, mineral, pearl or iodine-bromine baths), massage (urological, general), dry carbon dioxide bath, phytotoxic foam, ultrasound or magnetotherapy.

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